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Our product is an atomizer – mini pump – sprayer used for pressure spraying liquids of low viscosity, mainly based on water and alcohol.


Quality: The atomizer is wholly made of certified materials. It consists of parts made of propylene J-400 and polyethylene PFS-4020 made by „PETROCHEMIA” Płock, tarnoform by Tarnowskie Zakłady Chemiczne and a spring from acid resistant steel 1H18N9T by SANDVIK.

Origin: All parts and the whole atomizer are made in Poland.

Attestation: the atomizer is manufactured in sanitary conditions under supervision of the State Regional Sanitary- Epidemiologic Inspection (Państwowa Terenowa Stacja Sanitarno- Epidemiologiczna), meets standards and sanitary requirements and may be used for products having contact with human skin or food.

Dimensions: as per
Ordering: Orders should specify the length of draw-in pipe or entire height of the bottle, or dimension L acc. to:


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